Lake 4, Cummings Research Park West, Huntsville, AL

Cummings Research Park West is the second largest Research Park in the U.S. J&A was selected to design a 24 acre lake, concrete fountain and spillway, as a signature water feature of the Park. The lake also functioned as regional retention basin for a large part of the Park.  Project construction required approx 600.000 cy yards of soil excavation.  Working with City staff, J&A developed a construction process that saved over $1M in earthwork cost, and generated revenue through the sales of the materials.

Independence Drive Drainage Improvements, Phase 1 & 2, Huntsville, AL

Severe erosion along an existing creek was undermining the stability of buildings and parking lots, and created scour holes up to 18 feet deep.  J&A performed a HEC-1 computer analysis of the site conditions, developed alternative solutions, recommended a preferred solution, and prepared construction documents for this channelization and bank stabilization project.

Dodge City Wastewater Collection and Treatment System, Dodge City, AL

J&A performed preliminary and final design of a complete Wastewater Collection and Treatment System for this town of approximately 600 residents.   This cost-effective, environmentally friendly treatment process consisted of a dual lagoon system, multiple duckweed cells, UV disinfection, and a wetlands percolation area.  J&A spearheaded the effort to obtain project funding through 5 state and federal agencies.  Additional tasks included funding compliance audits, construction administration, and resident inspection.