Traffic-Eng-IntersectionJ&A’s Traffic Engineering Department can assist in all of your traffic engineering needs. We perform Traffic Impact Studies and Analyses for both private and public entities. We also provide traffic signal design, modification, and operating plans; traffic signal warrant analyses, traffic signal system design, traffic control plans, and access management studies. We can identify “bottle necks” and recommend cost-efficient ways to alleviate these problem areas. Our engineers work with our clients to understand their needs, recognize and/ or predict future problems, and recommend needed improvements to optimize the facility. J&A also provides traffic modeling and simulation services so our clients can “see” the operational functionality of our recommendations.

Traffic Engineering & Design Services

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Signal Modification / Optimization Design
  • Traffic Modeling / Computer Simulation
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
  • Access Management Studies
  • Site Circulation / Parking Studies
  • Traffic Counts / Trip Generation Studies