Transportation-Hwy-72J&A’s professional staff of engineers and designers are experienced in all phases of transportation system planning and design including: feasibility studies, environmental studies, construction plans, re-surfacing, environmental documents, corridor approval, field surveys, geotechnical investigations, contract highway and bridge plans, right-of-way maps, deeds and tract sketches. We assist our clientele in finding cost-efficient ways to move people and goods, improve safety, increase capacity, ease congestion, and extend the life of the facility.  Additionally, the J&A team advises and assists municipalities on supplemental sources of funding for their transportation projects in order to maximize results, while minimizing expenditures.

Transportation Engineering

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Documents
  • Preliminary/Final Design
  • Contract Roadway Plans Development
  • Interstate/ Controlled Access Facilities
  • Multi-Lane Roadways
  • Interchanges
  • Municipal Streets
  • Intersections
  • Rural Facilities
  • Bridge Replacements
  • Right-Of-Way Acquisition Documents
  • Multi-Use Facilities (Bike Lanes, Greenways, etc.)